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National Paints Factories Co. LTD
Traditional Decorative Paints
Traditional Decorative Paints
Traditional Decorative Paints
National Paints, in the field of Decorative Coatings, offers a full range of products to protect, decorate and make every day life more vibrant and colorful. These paints give objects a more pleasant, aesthetic and appealing look. Our low VOC, water-based coatings especially, have created a niche in the construction field, not only in GCC but also other parts of the World, because of their outstanding coating attributes.

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Water Based Decorative Coatings; These are Emulsion paints which have been developed keeping customer satisfaction in view.

Smooth/penetrating, sealing and priming finishes.
Smooth/ wall fillers, block filler & joint filler.
Smooth/matt, satin, , silky, semiglossy &glossy finishes.
Texture/strong holding, anchor type priming finishes.
Texture/satin, small, medium, large &grooved finishes.
Texture/flat, antique look &special texture finishes.
Interior/economy, partly washable & washable finishes.
Exterior/washable, weather resistant, silicon based & antifungal finishes.
Exterior/interior /concrete protective ultra-violet resistant, anti-carbonation finishes.
Speciality/special effect, velvet effect, stucco antique, marble finish, design finish & pearl finishes.
Utility, sports & restoration/duct coating, thermal insulating paint, water repellent coating & tennis court coating.
Concrete floor protection / acrylics, epoxies, polyurethane water base floor coatings.

The above coatings are suitable and recommended for concrete, plaster, brickwork, gypsum, asbestos, masonry and wooden surfaces.

Solvent Based Decorative Coatings; These are solvent bearing formulations which offer customers the following type of attributes.

Smooth/anticorrosive synthetic priming finishes.
Smooth/matt under coat finishes.
Smooth/glossy, semi-glossy and matt topcoat finishes.
Interior-exterior/ Eco Enamel, Synthetic Enamel Gloss I, Gloss II, Quick Drying Enamels.
Utility, defense & education/ Hammer Finish, Aluminum Paint, Camouflage Paints, Black Board Paint Finishes.
Wood, joinery & carpentry/Nitrocellulose Paints, Polyurethane, Polyester Wood Coating finishes.
Texture, maintenance, metal protection/Spray Texture (solvent based) Paints, Acrylics, Epoxies, Polyurethanes.
Wood decoration/Stains, Alkyd based, Nitrocellulose based, Universal .
Ovens, chimneys, & hot gas ducts/ Aluminum Paint finishes.
Fire protection/ Fire Retardant Paints, Intumescent Paint.
Concrete floor protection/Acrylic, Epoxy, Polyurethane Floor Coating finishes.

These paints can be applied by brush, roller, spray and knife. The type of equipment depends on the size, pattern and style of the coating that is desired. These paints are mostly used for residential buildings, hotels, auditoriums, restaurants, hospitals, shopping malls, sports complexes etc.

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