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We deal in Lubricants and Greases , We are
specialized in Industrial Lubricants, Cutting Oil - Neat & Soluble Types,
Synthetic Oil, Compressor Oil, EDM Oil, Spark Erosion Oil, Fire Resistant Oil,
Food Grade Lubricants, Food Grade Grease, Mould Release Oil, Rubber Process
Oils, Compressor Oils, White Pharma Mineral Oil, Marine Oils, High Temperature
Grease, Graphite Greases, Spark Erosion Oils , Wire Rope Grease, Open Gear
Grease, Molybdenum Grease, Copper Grease, PTFE , PFPE Grease, Silicone Grease,
Electric Conduit Grease, Thread Compounds, Anti- seize pastes.

We stock and distribute Donaldson Filters & Filtration Systems. Our
technical experiences and reliable solutions provide the best filters and
filtration solutions.