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White Crown Solutions LLC

We are into services like water tank cleaning, drain line cleaning, kitchen extraction duct cleaning, HVAC system cleaning and septic tank cleaning

We offer a wide range of maintenance and fabrication services for Industrial, Commercial and Residential areas, from Aluminium Wall Cladding to the cleaning and restoration of Kitchen, Laundry and Air conditioning ducts including the cleaning and maintenance of Swimming pools and Water features.

We provide solutions with expertise in Waste management with the cleaning of Drains and Aeration waste water tanks and perform Water tank cleaning and microbiological testing for potentially harmfull bacterial strains.

By using only the highest quality materials, with the highest possible standards to achieve the best possible results, we ensure that we contribute to a cleaner and safer environment by providing clean and potable drinkable water and pure clean breathable air.


Our mission at White Crown Solutions is to create customer respect through our quality of service. This is achieved through and effective and efficient management of services operating within Health and Safety Guidelines yet ensuring the well being of our personnel.

Our Services:

- Water Tank Cleaning & Disinfecting

- Kitchen Hoods & Extraction Ducts (NFPA 96 Standard For Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations)

- HVAC System ( Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning Cleaning and Sanitizing )

- Septic Tank Cleaning / STP tank cleaning

- Drain Line Cleaning

- Cooling Tower Plant Cleaning

- Laundry Ducts Cleaning (NFPA 211)

- Carpet Cleaning

- Swimming Pool Maintenance

- Water Feature Maintenance

- Fašade Cleaning

- Stainless Steel Mirror & Brush Polishing

- Stainless Steel Cladding and Handrails

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