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SAHAR Co. is the trusted name in Refrigeration, with thousands of satisfied customers that would happily testify that no other company other than SAHAR does refrigeration better. Over 25 years of refrigerating excellence and highly qualified British/European trained engineers, its no wonder SAHAR is leading the refrigeration market.

Refrigeration has a long history, with its humble beginnings starting as early as 1756. Small teaspoons amount of ice were produced by using simple pumps and ethyls. Today, advanced computer controlled mega refrigeration systems are available that are capable of freezing an entire district. The refrigeration industry has expanded rapidly and is being used almost everywhere including oil refineries, food industries, metal welding, air-conditioning, concrete manufacturing, etc.. Without refrigeration, a modern society would cease to exist. Every refrigeration system is unique and can have many variables to suit the clients’ needs. SAHAR are specialists in refrigeration, with a team of 40 (and growing) qualified technicians and engineers; no refrigeration job is too small or large.

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