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Galaxy Plastic LLC was established in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in 1997 as an organization which would cater to the business world as traders of Plastic products by facilitating their Biodegradable Plastic requirements. We are Managed by a team of Dedicated, Qualified and moreover by Experienced Professionals in Management over the years.

Galaxy Plastics has adopted a policy aimed at developing and enriching the potential of each employee who serve the business. Its warehouse and delivery services are guaranteed by a team who are available round the clock. In view of the increase in the companys client base and product and services portfolio we have decided to expand our operations all round in UAE.

Galaxy Plastic Products are used in a wide variety of applications, including Agriculture, Food processing, Material handling and Transportation. Galaxy Plastic is dedicated to providing its customers with advanced technological solutions tailored to their specific needs. Our Products are extremely durable and used in other industries handling heavy product which must be protected from damage.

We view our customers as partners. We have worked hard over the years to develop long-term relations based on mutual loyalty, integrity and respect. We strive to provide the Best Service, Excellent Quality Goods and the Right Price.

Biodegradable plastic bags
Zipper Bags
Trolley Cover Bags
Air Bubble Roll
Stretch / Shrink Films
Jumbo Bags
Garbage Bags

Address P. O. BOX 31538 ABU DHABI, UAE
Tel No 00971 2- 5514666 / 050 6425672 / 050 6149475
Fax No 00971 2- 5514667

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