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BETEC CAD. has been leader for over 20 years, in designing, manufacturing, durable, high performance HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning) equipment, such as, Dampers, Louvers, VAVs, Sound Attenuators, Terminal Devices, Fire Doors, Duct accessories and Clean room Air-conditioning.

BETEC CAD manufactures these equipment with the highest standards and Certifications from various international testing Laboratory Authorities. Such as, UL-NFPA, AMCA, AHRI, ABS, ETL-INTERTEK, LPCB-BRE, CERTAIRE and ISO.

DAMPERS - Certified from UL Underwriters Laboratory, meeting the standards of NFPA - National Fire Protection Authority, for life and property safety. Fire, Smoke and Control for Building, Commercial, Industrial, Tunnel, Marine, Oil & Gas ventilation applications. Constructed from heavy-duty, high quality steel with the most advanced equipments in the industry. These Dampers can stand up to the toughest and most demanding environments and can be custom-built to meet the exact needs of virtually any ventilation or process applications.

LOUVERS Certified from AMCA Air Movement Control Association, meeting the standards ASHRAE AND ANSI -

VAVs Certified from AHRI Air conditioning Heating, Refrigeration Institute.

TERMINAL DEVICES Certified from ETL Intertek

SOUND ATTENUATORS Meeting ASHRAE Standards, for Standards HVAC applications and Fire rated exhaust ventilation applications.

FIRE RATED DOORS UL 10 C certification under process.

CLEAN ROOM SYSTEMS Meeting this standards of HEPA / ULPA for Clean Rooms applications.

BETEC CADs experienced and professional team, provide quality assured and continued commitment to research and development with the introduction of latest technologies.

Address POST BOX: 8805
Tel No 00971 65575252
Fax No 00971 6 5575161

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