I would like to introduce my company as DELTA for Heavy Equipment, established in 1994, is a part of multifaceted NMC Group of Companies, managed by an eminent NRI Padmabhooshana Dr. B. R. Shetty. We are the Authorized Distributors for : " ELGI SCREW AIR COMPRESSOR "
Following are the range of ELGI Air Compressors:

q ELGI - Electric powered Screw Air Compressor (Horizon/Global) from 15 Hp to 75 Hp.

q ELGI - Electric powered Screw Air Compressor from 100 Hp to 215 Hp.

q ELGI - Vertical Air Receivers suitable for the above Air Compressors.

q ELGI - Diesel powered Mobile Screw Air Compressor from 175 cfm to 1100 cfm.

q ELGI - Diesel powered Skid Mounted Air Compressor up to 1100 cfm.

q ELGI - Reciprocating and Encap(Screw) Air Compressor from 3 Hp to 15 Hp.

q ELGI - Power saving Two Stage Tandem Screw Air Compressor from 75 kW to 160 kW.

q ELGI - Air mate Refrigerated Air Driers, Filters receiver tanks and other accessories suitable for above Air Compressors.

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