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Farahat & Co.

Farahat & Co. is well renowned Certified Public Accountants and Audit firm which have been established since 1985 in the UAE. Farahat & Co. is a leading provider of accounting and business advice to entrepreneurs, owner managed, and private businesses.

We pride ourselves on being more than just accounting specialists. We exist to protect and enhance the wealth of our clients, and our services are specifically designed for that purpose. For regular, recurring support and on reaching business and personal crossroads, our people are there to help and to guide. Our approach is based on building strong local relationships to ensure a personal, director-led service.

As a result, many of our clients are long term and we have been able to oversee the growth of their businesses from mere ideas on a notepad through to the formation of a successful company.

Code of Conduct
The principles and values found in the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct are an integral part of the rigorous commitment that Farahat & Co. have made historically (and continue to make until today) to sustain the public trust.

The responsibility for ethical behavior is taken seriously - by everyone, at all levels. Acting with integrity is one of the shared values of Farahat & Co. and is based on a long history by carefully adhering to applicable professional standards that ensure the provision of a high level of professional services with uncompromising quality.

Farahat & Co. strive to attract and retain professionals of all backgrounds and experiences to provide an inclusive culture. This allows us to offer clients the best solutions and help our people realize their greatest potentials.

We are structuring annual diversity plans, and supporting the varied members of our team with progressive practices to help provide opportunities to further develop their skills.

Our objectives are

to increase self awareness,
to treat others with courtesy, dignity and respect,
to be sensitive to the interpretation and potential impact of communication and actions
to appreciate, value and celebrate differences.


Address P.O.BOX 4647 DUBAI, UAE
Tel No +971 4 2662801
Fax No +971 4 2693625

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