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A Specific Quality policy exists in our unit. It is clearly defined to check the products at various stages of manufacture and at the end of all operations. It is ensured both by the workmen and quality staff on duty for this purpose. To achieve this aim and make a fool proof system, a Job Route Card (Annexure A) on the basis of Quality Plan (Annexure C) is introduced while launching the production of each item and stage inspection is carried out during each operation / after each operation on sampling basis as per Sampling Plan for Threaded Fasteners, I.S.2614 by the concerned workmen and counter checked by QC staff.

During the manufacture of items, if any dimensions is not confirming to drawings, a Non Conformity Report (NCR) is prepared and corrective action is taken then and there. Since ours is a mass production unit, sizes are thoroughly checked during the setting of the job as such negligible NCRs are raised. Quality control staff has the authority to stop the operation if any deviation in dimensions / process is observed at any stage of manufacture. Work is allowed to proceed further only after the necessary corrective action is taken. The movement of material during various processes is strictly restricted in BINS specially employed for this purpose along with Job Route Card to avoid any mix up of various products and strictest quality control is maintained for all dimensions / process. At the end of all the processes, final inspection is done by the Quality staff as per sampling plan for threaded fasteners I.S. 2614.

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