Company Profile


BAGNODESIGN is a subsidiary of the SANIPEX GROUP, a market leading supplier of bathroom fixtures and fittings, tiles and plumbing materials.

Established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 1995, as a representative to a handful of European manufacturers, the company today conducts business in over 30 countries across four continents and represents over 50 of the world�s leading brands, including its own highly successful BAGNODESIGN and AQUAZONE brands.

The sustained growth of the company has been built on four key areas of competitive advantage;

A unique �three channels to market� approach of Project, Retail and Wholesale

An extensive and exclusive product portfolio

Unrivalled supply chain capabilities

A focus on customer relationships rather than customer transactions

With this multi-channeled approach and the diversity of markets in which it operates, the group is in a strong position to weather the current economic climate and to take advantages of opportunities which enable it to continue on its delivery of sustained growth.

Address PO Box 30871 SANIPEX GROUP Head Office Between Junction 2 & 3 DUBAI United Arab Emirates
Country United Arab Emirates
Tel No 00971 44076000
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