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Abdul Raheem Darhoon International Lubricants Industry L.L.C. introduces a wide range of high performance “ARD LUBE” branded products, which makes engines run smoother at optimum efficiency for longer. With outstanding economics in fuel usage, servicing costs and engine wear and tear, then really is no better solution available today. Our Automotive, Industrial and Marine lubricants, Brake Fluids and Greases demonstrate the company’s commitment to serve with high quality, value added products that give the customers the competitive edge.

This website is not covering the complete range of ARD LUBE products. Rather, an attempt has been made to present, as clearly and simply as possible, all the products currently in high demand. However, our technical force is available at all times to solve all your lubrication problems promptly and efficiently. Almost all products are described with performance profile, application, general properties, technical specifications and various viscosity grades. As a general rule, viscosity performs the correct job for lubrication. Please refer equipment manufacturer recommendation for correct application.

ARD Lube Branded lubricants are formulated to the highest international standards & specifications set by specialized international institutions such as Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s), American Petroleum Institute (API), US Military (MIL) & other international specifications as applicable.

Formulated to cope with the harshest climatic conditions, ARD Lube Branded lubricants have been approved by the world’s most prominent engine & machinery makers including Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porche, GM, Ford, Volvo, MACK, MAN, Caterpillar & others.

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