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Sandset Travel & Tours

Sand Set Travel Agency L.L.C. was established in 1994. Ever since we have constantly endeavored to develop products and services which are relevant to chang ging market requirements and we are sure that you will find our current range of comprehensive travel related services suitable to your needs. Our approach is to be flexible so as to adapt to your specific requirements, and we believe that our services match best practices in our industry.

We are recognized members of IATA. Membership of these associations has been earned through reliability and credibility, and as such we are recognized and respected by airlines and hotel chains worldwide.

In the following slides we have highlighted various services and their relevance to your needs but the underlying concept and principle is simple - to ensure that we are able to effectively meet all of the travel related needs of our clients and maintaining high levels of service standards. In addition we are always flexible to adapt our services to your specific needs, if any, and will be guided by your instructions on requisitions, delivery and routings in an efficient and responsible manner.

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Address P.O.Box : 1606 Naif Bazar Building, Deira, DUBAI United Arab Emirates
Country United Arab Emirates
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