DANA STEEL PROCESSING INDUSTRIES LLC is a quality manufacturer of EMT CONDUITS & BENDS (1/2" - 3")DANA G.I. Conduits bring forth the best in traditional cable management solutions.Available in :-BS 4568 Class 3 G.I. Conduits (OutSide Galvanised) Availabke in 20mm, 25mm and 32mm Sizes BS 4568 Class 4 G.I. Conduits (Inside and Outside Galvanised) Available in 20mm 25mm and 32mm Variety of Conduit Accessories[Junction boxes,Tees,Bends,Couples,Saddles etc.] & Fittings are available to EMT metal conduit is unthreaded steel raceway made of galvanized steel. EMT Electrical Metallic Tubing rigid conduit is easy to bend and install with conduit electric fittings" We are exporting our products toWest Indies in the Caribbean, to Argentina,Bolivia,Brazil,Peru,Chile,Colombia,Ecuador,Venezuela,Uruguay,Guyana,Suriname in South America,he US and Canada in the West. UK, Ireland, Italy, Malta,Latvia,Lithuania,Estonia,Ukraine,Croatia,Kosovo,Romania,Serbia,Poland,Germany, Belgium, Poland, Holland, Portugal, Austria,Armenia,Kyrgyzstan,Kazhakhstan,Russia,Turkey, Spain, Greece in Europe. Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Qatar, Oman, UAE in the Middle East. Yemen, Libya, Kenya, Uganda,Angola,Somalia, Zaire, Mozambique, Seychelles, Mauritius,Tanzania,Burundi, Sudan, South Africa up to Guinea in Africa. Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bangladesh, Nepal, Philippines, Bhutan, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam in the Far East and South East Asia.