DANA STEEL PROCESSING INDUSTRIES LLC is a quality manufacturer of DANA WALL SANDWICH PANELSDANA sandwich wall panels consist of two reinforced or prestressed concrete wythes with a continuous layer of rigid insulation sandwiched between. They are mass-produced in standard widths on long line casting beds. With attractive sculptured exterior surfaces and steel form finished interior faces, they inexpensively provide a strong, durable, energy efficient, fire resistant cladding system. The type and thickness of insulation contained in sandwich panels varies with the RSI-value required for each building. The insulation is installed under controlled factory conditions and is well protected by the concrete.We are exporting our products toWest Indies in the Caribbean, to Argentina,Bolivia,Brazil,Peru,Chile,Colombia,Ecuador,Venezuela,Uruguay,Guyana,Suriname in South America,he US and Canada in the West. UK, Ireland, Italy, Malta,Latvia,Lithuania,Estonia,Ukraine,Croatia,Kosovo,Romania,Serbia,Poland,Germany, Belgium, Poland, Holland, Portugal, Austria,Armenia,Kyrgyzstan,Kazhakhstan,Russia,Turkey, Spain, Greece in Europe. Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Qatar, Oman, UAE in the Middle East. Yemen, Libya, Kenya, Uganda,Angola,Somalia, Zaire, Mozambique, Seychelles, Mauritius,Tanzania,Burundi, Sudan, South Africa up to Guinea in Africa. Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bangladesh, Nepal, Philippines, Bhutan, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam in the Far East and South East Asia.