Development Generation General Trading has a broad range of brushes suitable for whatever requirement you may have. Our engineers are available to assist you in identifying suitable product ranges that are ideal for your application, while being cost-effective and feasible. We are also capable of working with your technical team to develop and design products to your specific requirements. Our wide range of applications mean that we have virtually all types of brush filaments materials in any size, length or diameter required.Our products range include: Forklift Brush, Carpet Cleaning Brush, Cylindrical Brushes, Escalator Brushes, Machinery Brushes, Sealing Brushes, Cow Brushes, Sweeping Brushes, Road Sweeper Brushes, Door Sealing Brushes, Window Sealing Brushes, Antistatic Brushes, Rotating Entry Door Brushes, Reducing Conveyor Velocity Brushes, Conveyor Cleaning Brushes, Forklift Sweeping Brushes, Animal Welfare Brushes, Sand Removal Brushes, Sand Spreading Brushes, Dirt Handling Brushes, Electronic Conduction Transmitter Brushes, Cleaning Brushes, Surface Finishing Brushes, Labelling Brushes, Noise Reduction Brushes, Wood Waxing Brushes, Vegetable Peeling Brushes, Product Moving / Conveying Brushes