CRC 3-36

CRC 3.36 is a multiple organic inhibitor in a paraffinic oil base that prevents rust and corrosion
by displacing and sealing out moisture and by forming a continuous protective barrier against
water and oxygen.CRC 3-36 Film never dries or becomes brittle. Penetrates into the pores and
cracks. Does not have to be removed before welding, machining, or processed.Removes readily with CRC Lectra Clean or CRC Braklean . CRC 3-36 Low surface tension and an affinity for metal, ensures
that a continuous film of product will blanket every part of the surface.CRC 3-36 Protects aluminium (Anodised or Mill) and copper from plaster burn
and concrete burn. Prevents finger printing, the corrosive action of acids and oils left by
human handling.