The LF-FD-6104 Intelligent UV Flame Detector has a wide angular sensitivity that can reliably and quickly detect the presence of a flame within its field of view by sensing the ultraviolet radiation emitted. The detector has been designed for internal use and is particularly suited for installations where flame can be expected to develop initially rather than smoke due to the nature of combustible materials such as film, video and computer tapes. It also adopts pre-emptive alarm technology which organizes the data received from the detectors. The information with the highest priority would transfer first. Other collected data shall be transmitted to the controller based on their priority status which ensures the rapid response of the system. Fire Alarm can be received in less than 1 second. he detectors design widely applies to all kinds of industrial and commercial constructions with its high resistance to humidity, wide operating temperature range, high reliability and ease of installation and configuration. FEATURES: Lo w Profile Design Sensitive Ultraviolet Sensor Equipped with CPU Central Processor LED Indicator Polarized Wiring ALARM FIRST! Less than 1 second High Performance at Lo w Cost Dust, Corrosion and Humidity Resistant Twist Loc k Base Use LF-DP-6190 f or device addressing