National Cracking Lacquer is paint formulated from nitrocellulose and special resins to give an excellent cracking finish. It is fast drying, durable and color retentive.Recommended uses:National Cracking Lacquer is ideally recommended as a decorative finish for wooden, steel and masonry surfaces.Colors:* Base Coat: Unlimited colors.* Top Coat: White, Off-White and Black.Thinning:For thinning, 25-35% National Lacquer Thinner can be added.Theoretical Spreading Rate:6 - 8 sqm / litre depending on the film thickness.Surface Preparation and Application Method:The surface should be dry and clean.Primer Wooden, Steel and masonry surfaces: Apply National N.C. Primer Surfacer. Galvanized steel surfaces: Apply I coat of National Wash Primer, followed by another coat of National N.C. Primer Surfacer.Middle Coat Level the surface with National N.C. Putty, then applyNational N.C. Primer Surfacer. Sanding should be done lightly between coats.Top Coat Apply a coat of the desired color of National N.C. Lacquer Top Coat and allow it to dry. Then apply National Cracking Lacquer, which will automatically crack on drying. For better protection apply National N.C. Lacquer Clear or Nationalthane Quick Dry Clear. Drying Time:Touch dry: 15-30 minutes.Over coating time with Clear Coat: 3-4 hours.Note:For further information please contact the Technical Service Department.