Scumble Glaze


National Scumble Glaze is a washable coating, an environmentally friendly pearlscent finish, used for creating attractive broken color effects to the substrates.Recommended Uses:National Scumble Glaze is ideally recommended for interior application and can be used on concrete, gypsum boards, plaster and woodworks.Colors:All colors are available as per National Scumble Glaze Color Card in condition that base coat color is special black.Thinning:National Scumble Glaze is supplied in a ready to use form. If required, dilute with 5% water.Cleaning of Equipment:Clean the equipment with water immediately after completing the work.Theoretical Spreading Rate:10 -15 m2 / Liter depending on the application method, film thickness and nature of surface.Drying time:Touch dry: 2 - 3 hours Full dry: 6 - 8 hoursSurface Preparation:The surface on which National Scumble Glaze is to be applied should be dry, free of oil, dust, efflorescence etc.