Freylit Oil Water Separator & Solvent Recovery

FREYLIT has been producing and installing a wide range of oil/water separators since 1983. More than 90% of all gas stations in Austria are equipped with FREYLIT Oil separators. The special features of our Mineral and Residual Oil Separators are:Oil outlet concentration BELOW 5 ppm (5 mg/L)Corrugated coalescent plates have a minimum lifetime of 20 YEARSall our oil separators are proved according to the Euro Norm EN 858-1 and all All our oil separators are proved according to the Euro Norm EN 858-1 and all certifications can be provided.We have extensive experience in oil/water separation of more than 25 years and have completed many large projects worldwide.FREYLIT oil separators are designed to the exact specifications and requirements of our clients and the modular plate pack system is the perfect solution for large scale industrial oil separators.Flow rates from 3 liters/second up to 5000 liters/second or larger.Our coalescent plate pack separators are the most economic and efficient method of treating such process waters FREYLIT OWS ApplicationsOil depots & Fuel storage facilitiesRecovery of valuable oil from oil/water mixtures atoil fieldsOil fields & RefineriesOil pipe linesPower stationsMarine oil terminalsSteel mills, steel manufacturingShip yards Ship yardsHarborsAirportsWorkshopsCar parkGarages (Road & Rail)Airplane HangarsEfficient oil contamination remedial operationsOil Spill interventions