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AWNINGS Suppliers Manufacturers DubaiMore Details 0505773027Awnings are a popular shading solution in the UAE. We can supply a range of Lateral Arm Retractable Awnings for your garden or terrace. All our awnings can be supplied with manual operation or with a motor for ease of use. We also offer customisation in the form of different colour canopies and flounces which can be added to your awning.CUSTOMISE THE CANOPY COLOURAVAILABLE TO VIEW IN OUR SHOWROOMMOTOR OR MANUAL OPERATION1 YEAR WARRANTYRANGE OF AWNING SIZES AVAILABLEINSTALLATION AND DELIVERYTYPES OF AWNINGSThe awnings come in two Types. Cassette and Monoblock. You can view details about each type below.Awnings casetteVIEW CASSETTE AWNINGSAwning DubaiVIEW MONOBLOCK AWNINGSAWNINGS SIZESOur Awnings are offered in a range of sizes. The two important sizes to consider is the Width of the Awning and the Projection.The Width is how wide the awning will be. This ranges from 2.5 meters to 6 meter.The projection is how far the awning will extend when fully open. This ranges from 2 meters to 4 meters.Projection is how far the awning comes out from the wall2mProjection2.5m Projection3mProjection4mProjection2.5m widthYesNoNoNo3m widthYesYesNoNo3.5m widthYesYesYesNo4m widthYesYesYesNo4.5m widthYesYesYesNo5m widthYesYesYesYes5.5m widthNoYesYesNo6m widthNoYesYesYesAWNINGS OPERATIONThe next part to decide is how to open and close the awning when it is installed. We offer two alternatives. Manual operation or Motor operation. The manual operation requires turning a winder which will open the awning based on a certain number of turns. The motor operation uses a wireless controller to effortlessly open and close the awning.Additionally, we can offer a further automated accessory called a Sun and Wind Sensor(See image below). This wireless device is installed next to your awning. It senses when there is Sunlight to open the awning. When the sunlight is low it will automatically close the awning. Also, when the windspeed reaches a certain level it will automatically close the awning.Awning Wind And Light Awning SensorWIND SENSORAwning Remote Motor ControlREMOTE CONTROLSomfy MotorMOTORSFABRICSWe can supply a large range of Awning Fabrics. Your awning can be customised to your needs. We use Solution dyed acrylic Fabric that is designed to last. It wont fade in the sun. Also, we can also add a customised flounce or flap to your awning. This will give it a unique look. Check out some of our fabric range below or visit our Fabric Page here.Black Fabric for CanopyFabric for Awnings and CanopiesUmbrella Canopy beigeAWNINGS INSTALLATIONFinally, the Installation of the awning can take around 2-3 hours depending on the Complexity of the installation and the number of awnings to be installed. The Awning needs to be attached to a concrete wall. This is done using Expansion bolts so drilling will be required. We can install on to buildings with exterior cladding. We use a special bracket attached to the concrete wall behind. The angle of the awning can also be customised at the time of installation. This can be discussed this with our technical team at the time of installation. They can install it at the desired angle.View our Frequently Asked QuestionsMore Details Contat Mr.Maqavi 0505773027