Joint Workshop on The Role of Arbitration in Disputes Settlement

Sharjah International Commercial Arbitration Centre, in cooperation with The Indian Group of Advocates and Legal Consultants, known as Musthafa & Almana, International Lawyers and Legal Consultants, organized a workshop on The Role of Arbitration in Disputes Settlement, which was attended by a large number of representatives from commercial and investment corporations and institutions in the state, and a number of attorneys, legal advisors and engineers of these companies as well as private and governmental authorities.

The workshop was held in the framework of enhancing the strategic partnership between Sharjah Arbitration Centre, which functions under the umbrella of Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the strategic partners for the purpose of disseminating legal culture and the culture of disputes settlement by using alternative methods; topmost of which is arbitration that helps in achieving economic stability and investment attraction as it provides its parties with guarantees that do not exist in other systems.

The workshop began with a welcome speech delivered by Mr. Musthafa Zafeer Almana, O.V., Advisor and Managing Partner of the Indian Group of Advocates and Legal Consultants, in cooperation with Sharjah International Commercial Arbitration Centre for organizing this workshop during the time that companies, investment and commercial institutions are longing for knowing more about arbitration due its pivotal increasing role in settling disputes; especially those of the Indian companies functioning in U.A.E since it represents an economic number within the economy of U.A.E. Mr. Zafeer welcomed the attendees and participants of the workshop, and he wished them all success in their businesses. Moreover, Mr. Hussain Al-Mahmoudi, Director General of Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, delivered a welcome speech through which he praised the cooperation with attorneyship offices functioning in the state with all their different nationalities as these attorneyship offices are considered some of the most important strategic partners of the Arbitration Centre, and he called for holding mutual events throughout the whole year with the aim of attracting foreign companies and institutions to the Arbitration Centre in order to help in attracting investment achieving economic growth. Mr. Al-Mahmoudi said that the Chamber Board of Directors paid special attention to Sharjah Arbitration Centre and the various strategic partnerships of the Centre, and he hoped that the role of the Centre in settling disputes would increase in the future for the purpose of achieving stability for investors and to attract more investments.
Mr. Ahmed Saleh Al-Echlah, Director of Sharjah International Commercial Arbitration Centre, presented a brief about Sharjah Arbitration Centre, its services provided, its role in settling disputes among commercial, investment and real estate institutions and the future business plan of the Centre, which will include monthly seminars and workshops in order to expand the field of participation. The workshop was held in presence of Mr. Shaaban Raafat Abdellatif, Head of the Legal Affairs Department at Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Sharjah Arbitration Centre. Then, the workshop program began with a lecture titled Arbitration- Speedy Justice , Fact or Myth delivered by Mr. Deepak Verma, Former Honorable Judge, Supreme Court of India, through which he spoke about the role of arbitration in disputes settlement by referring to the origin of arbitration and its advantages represented in speed, economizing expenditures, maintaining the relationship among litigants, flexibility, low costs, and the difference between arbitration and other systems; such as conciliation, mediation and experience, types of arbitration, when is it national and when it is international, free and institutional arbitration. He concluded that arbitration is a speedy justice and a reality that expands day after another; especially that international-activity companies do not resort to ordinary judgment in terms of their disputes, but instead they depend on arbitration settling disputes in order not to affect their investments.

In addition, Mr. Musthafa Zafeer Almana, O.V., Advisor and Managing Partner of the Indian Group of Advocates and Legal Consultants, presented an overview on arbitration in U.A.E in particular and how arbitration helped in attracting more investments in a way that achieved development of the country. Then, Mr. V. Inbavijayan, Arbitration Trainer, Tutor, CIArb, India, presented a research on arbitration and its role in settling disputes; especially construction disputes and how to benefit from  the arbitration clause in the contract. The workshop was concluded by a lecture delivered by Mr. Richard Brady, Former Prosecutor, London & Director General, British Legal Center, on arbitration agreement, how to resort to arbitration and the person entitled to agree on arbitration.
Finally, Mr. Ahmed Al-Echlah delivered a thank you speech through which he expressed his sincere thanks and gratitude to attendees and participants including representatives of companies, and he praised the role of the Indian Group of Advocates and Legal Consultants, represented in disseminating legal culture in cooperation with Sharjah Arbitration Centre in terms of organizing the workshop and organizing a mutual program for habilitating arbitrators, which will be carried out in English at the beginning of year 2014. Mr. Al-Echlah honored the attendees and photos were taken.


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