Perimeter Security System

Function of a Perimeter Security Solution is to Deter, Delay, Detect, Assess, Respond and Monitor on a continuous basis. Depending on the level of security needed, options are evaluated and plans implemented. Used individually or as a combination with other monitoring & detection systems, Perimeter Fencing Systems are the first line of defense.
We have been in the forefront of developing product lines suitable for all types of fencing needs. Our staff interacts on a continuous basis industry experts & their clients. As a result of this interaction, we update our product line, facilities specifications continually.

Over the past 25 years Link Middle East has earned a reputation of being a quality manufacturer and supplier of Fencing Systems with rapid response time to large projects and requirements. Till date LME has supplied over 50 Million meters of Fencing products and systems.
Today we manufacture and offer a wide range of perimeter security solutions for varied applications:



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