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LME is a dynamic company involved in Engineering Solutions for various Civil Infrastructure and Security Products. Our Core products range covers manufacturing of sophisticated Steel Wire products to Structural Fabrication.

LME's Products:

Over the past 25 Years Link Middle East has developed a diverse product range which includes:

A) Perimeter Security Fencing Systems.

B) Security and Crowd Control Barriers.

C) Guard Rails for Highways and Industrial Safety.

D) Gabions Hexagonal Mesh & Weld Mesh.

E) Rock Fall Netting Roll.

F) Engineering Fabrication.

G) Mild Steel | High Carbon Wire | Galvanized and Extrusion PVC U Coated Wires.

H) Galvanized Square | Rectangular and Circular Section.

I) Tubes and Pipes.

LME's In-House Facility

A) Wire Manufacturing

A) Galvanized

B) Galfan

C) Extruded PVC Coated Wire

B) High Quality European Make CNC Weld Mesh.

C) In-House Fabrication.

D) 5 Axis - 3D Water Jet Cutting.

E) Plasma Cutting.

F) A Battery of Robotic Welding System.

G) Sand Blasting and Pre Cleaning.

H) In-House Hot Dip Galvanizing Facility.

I) Automatic Electro Static Color Coating Plant.

System Accreditation

ISO 9001 Quality Management | ISO 14001 Health Safety Environment | ISO 18001 Environmental Management

Product Specific Certification:

BBA, UK | COPRO, Belgium | AFNOR, France | ITB, Poland | CE Mark, Europe | SABS, South Africa