Ovel Gear Flow Meter

Oval Gear Flow Meter

CBRO OGF - 250M Oval gear Flow Meter the mechanical type positive diaplacement flow meter is used is a wide variety of applications including measuring of boiler fuel oil and diesel oil, as well as transactions of kerosene, light oil & heavy oil.

OGF - 250M return - zero oval gear flow meter adopts the zero - returnable counter added to the basic model. The counter contains two groups of digit wheels-one for zero returning and the other for accumulation to undertake the cumulate and batch counter respectively

OGF-250M-A cast Iron oval gear flow meter is widely applicable to metering various oils and fluids that effects no corrosion on cast iron.

OGF-250M-E cast steel oval gear flow meter is designed for metering a variety of high-pressure, lOW-CORROOSION FLUIDS.
•Uniform rotator, small vibration, long working life.
•Low sensitivity to variance of viscosity, suitable applied in be high viscosity liquid.
•Simple instructions, small sizes, light weight,
•Simple installation, no need to install straight pipe section before meter

•Lubricatinng Oil
• Epoxies
• Fuels Storage Tank Flow Meter
•Oil Counter
• Tank Truck Flow Meter
•High Accurycy, Wide Range
• Mechanical Display
• Easy Maintenance
• Easy to Read
• Output 4-20ma Profibus



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