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We are pleased to remain as one of the high quality suppliers of personal protective equipments (safety products) that meets EN and ANSI standards from famed brand manufacturers for all purposes / Environment .We are supplying the following products.
Head, Face & Ear Protection :- Helmets, Goggles, Spectacles, Ear plugs, Ear muffs, Respirators/Masks, Communication head sets, Face shields, Welding shields etc.
Hand Protection:- chemical / heat / cut resistant gloves, Electrical gloves, cold storage gloves, disposable vynil / latex gloves, working leather gloves, pvc dotted gloves, and much more.
Protective body wear:- Coveralls, Pant and Shirts sets, Rain Coat/ Suit, Heat and Fire suits, reflective vest / jackets, Chemical suits, Acid wear, Chemical Aprons etc
Foot Protection :- Safety shoes, Boots, Fireman boots , Chemical / Acid protection boots, water resistant boots, freezer boots, disposable shoe covers etc..
Fall Protection :- Full body harness / Belts, Lanyards, Shock Absorbers, Connectors, Retractable Life lines etc.
Road Safety : - Traffic / Reflective vest, Traffic Cones,Warning Tapes, PVC Road Divider, Traffic Safety Signs etc.
Disposables :Disposable Coveralls, Lab Coats, Aprons , Dust masks,Vynil and PU gloves etc.
Measuring Instruments:- Gas detectors, Sound level meters, Ultrasonic Distance meter etc.
Other Safety Equipments:- Scafftag, First Aid Kits, Breathing Apparatus, Eyewash Station with Shower Webbing slings & Cargo lashings, Fire Blankets, Fire Extiguishers , Safety Net and much more.

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