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Steel Shots are spherical in shape, which are produced by the atomization of molten steel, followed by a series of thermal and mechanical treatment in order to attain martensite microstructure. Steel shots are widely used as a media for descaling steel components prior to coating. In this application the media is used almost exclusively in centrifugal wheel airless blasting equipment. It is also used in the foundry casting industry to remove sand from castings after removal from the mould and also for shot peening operations on metal components which are exposed to severe stress in automobile and construction machinery industries.


- Removes sand and other surface contamination from steel and iron casting, cast pipes, malleable fittings copper and aluminium alloy castings and other general foundry products.
- Descalling of forged steel products and heat-treated products.
- Shot peening for automotive parts, aircraft components, railway casting, all sorts of gears, super hard steel chips, various tools.
- Used in airless wheel blast machines to clean foundry castings, surface polishing and shot peening.
- Also used in portable trackblast airless wheel blast machines for concrete floor preparation and profiling.
- Long lasting and can be recycled around 100 times, making it the most economical and efficient abrasive.