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Hoses are designed for wide range of Chemical Transfer, Cryogenic liquid, Fuel, Oil and Lubricant transfer applications where light weight and flexibility are essential.
Custom assemblies are available with threaded, flanges or Cam and Groove end connections, typically in Brass, Carbon Steel and Aluminum.
Up to 12
Flexible metal hoses are used in variety applications where pressure and temperature involved
Stainless Steel Hoses and Stainless steel Braided Hoses
Lance Hose for Steel Plant
Corrugated Metallic Flexible Hose with PTFE lining
Flexible Metal Hose
Flexible Jacketed Hose
Available Sizes up to 12

General Purpose Hose and Assemblies provide a durable and reliable choice for every need.
General Purpose Hoses enables Suction and Discharge of Chemical, Oil and Fuel, Water, Steam,
Gases etc.
Air Hoses, Lay flat Hoses, chemical Hoses, Oil & Fuel Hoses, Gas Hoses
Available sizes up to 12