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You can enjoy a lot of year-round activities while investingin only one craft. The hovercraft is more fuel-efficent than a boats, jet skis or snow jets with the similar motor power .Hovercraft can fly smoothly over land; still or swift water;shallow, flooded or frozen rivers; sandbars; swamps; snow;and thin or broken ice, giving us access to areas that can't be reached with other vehicles. Use it as a boat in the summer to go water skiing, fishing, or camping with Your
family and friends. Have a good time - have an AIRSLIDE!.

Key features:

○ reliable and economical four stroke Honda engine with EUR 3 exhaust emissions norm and electronic fuel injection.
○ very stable and safe thanks to permanently pressurized ring with 700 kg displacement.
○ passengers cabin for 3 adult persons ( In-Line ), separated from engine compartment.
○ smooth ride over the surface of water with no concern for depth or hidden obstacles.
○ safety around swimmers and water skiers .
○ separated fans for lift and thrust.

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