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Z purlin GI C Channel Manufacturer Supplier UAE

Z purlin GI C Channe ...

DANA STEEL UAE is one of the largest manufacturer of high quality steel roll-formed sections like Z & C Purlins .

Our products are manufactured on fully automatic computerized lines with online punching and length control.

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Channel sections, with or without flange stiffeners, are usually referenced as C shapes;
Channel sections without flange stiffeners are also referenced as U shapes;
Point symmetric sections that are shaped similar to the letter Z are referenced as Z shapes.

Section designations can be regional and even specific to a manufacturer. In steel building construction, secondary members such as purlins (roof) and grits (wall) are frequently C, Z or U sections, (or mill rolled) C sections.

Cold formed members can be efficient on a weight basis relative to mill rolled sections for secondary member applications. Additionally, Z sections can be nested for transportation bundling and, on the building, lapped at the supports to develop a structurally efficient continuous beam across multiple supports.

We have these specifications and we can also serve according to our customers requirements.
Z & C Purlin Specification: ASTM A653.
Galvanized Steel Coil: Grade 50, SS340, Minimum YS 340 MPA, TS 450 MPA, Regular/Zero Spangle.
Thickness: 1.2 mm to 3.0 mm
Origin: South Korea, India, Japan,