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Eissa Fiber Glass Cylindrical shape tanks are designed to be fitted in factory and as one piece to the delivery place.

Stored potable water for drinking & other specific purposes is prone to water borne infections allied diseases. Conventional materials like concrtete promote bacterial growth and steel results in corrosion. Even water stored in black coloured polyethene Tanks attain an unpleasant odour. By and large, all materials except GRP are not suggested for water storage from the point of view of hygiene. GRP storage tanks have been recommended to avoid such effects and compare very favourably with other materials in quality, ease of handling and quality retention of stored water.

Advantage of GRP tanks can be summerised as follows,

1. Light in weight and an exceptionally high strength to weight ratio.
2. Ease in handling installation & repair
3. The versatility of tanks allows it to be installed indoors, outdoors, undergroup or atop.
4. Does not corrode or get mechanically effected even after prolonged exposure to adverse atmosphere or sunlight.
5. Does not support bacterial growth of Algae & Fungi.
The following manufacturing specifications is generally follwed by " Eissa Fiber Glass L L C"

0.5mm minimum thickness to provide chemical resistance.

Resin content 60-70% by weight, to assist reinforcement.

WOVEN ROVING Glass fabric layers
Resin Content 45-55% to provide strength and rigidity.

C Glass surface mat ( 450 gm/m2) or synthetic fabric reinforced layers are used consisting of approximately 90% resin by weight. The thickness of the reinforced layers is generally 0.5 mm. This provides a protective barrier against corrosion.

All cut edges are made smooth using a resin top coat and are additionally gelcoat sealed. If an additional top coat of resin is required this would be fully brushed to remove all resin rich areas and would not exceed 0.2 mm in thick. If required, a black coating in the middle or inside will be there to make tank opaque. This makes tank ALGAE RESISTANT.

The light weight product enables ease of handling which results in a simpler and cost effective installation procedure.

Smooth finishing from inside.

Our general color of gelcoat is white. Any other color if required, available on request.

All tanks are cylindrical shape.

All nuts & bolts are galvanized iron.

All connections that is inlet, outlet, drain will be fitted by us.

These tanks are maintenance free upto our warantee period only. There durable and done for portable water.


Delivery to your site. Unloading is in your response & expense.