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Mobil Delvac MX 15w-40 Diesel Engine Oil 4L

Item Number: Delvac MX1540
Series: Delvac
Mobil Delvac MX 15w-40 meets or exceeds the requirements of: API SN/SM/SL/SJ , ACEA A3/B3, A3/B4, Nissan GT-R
Mobil Delvac MX 15w-40 has the following builder approvals: MB-Approval 229.3; MB-Approval 229.5, BMW LONGLIFE 01, VW 502 00/ 505 00, PORSCHE A40
Volume: 4 litre
Weight: 3.8Kg
Dimension: 30 x 10 x 20 cm

Mobil Delvac