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MultiFlex Soap Dispenser 1 Ltr

MultiFlex Soap Dispe ...

MultiFlex Soap Dispenser UAE Supplier Intercare Limited is specialized supplier in UAE .

The MultiFlex wall mounted soap dispenser is Brightwell Dispensers latest innovation with a 100% disposable inner mechanism which ensures full hygiene integrity .

Pumps and bottles are interchangeable and can be switched between both the manual and the automatic models . They are used only once and need replacing when the container is empty . The chemical is never in contact with air or germs, its integrity is guaranteed .

The MultiFlex soap dispenser comes with a unique branding option that allows you to design your own exclusive cover : you own a dispenser that has no equal on the market . Alternatively , you can choose to use Brightwell Dispensers tear drop window cover to match your entire modular collection .