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Care Pink Pearl Hand Wash Cartridge

Care Pink Pearl Hand ...

Care Pink Pearl Hand Wash UAE Manufacturer Intercare Limited is specialized manufacturer in UAE .

The Pink Pearl Hand Wash is a rich lathering liquid hand soap with a moisturizer and a fresh natural fragrance .
It gently cleanses hands and leaves you feeling refreshed with a pleasant long lasting perfume .
Its mild , non allergic and safe for children .

Dosing :
The Care Pink Pearl Hand Wash doses 1 ml of soap each time ensuring 1000 washes from this 1 cartridge . It is special to use in Intercare Multiflex dispensers .

Hygiene :
The unique Intercare Multiflex system ensures the most hygienic way to dispense soap as the pump is integrated in the cartridge and disposed of each time the cartridge is replaced .
As such this product is suitable for areas with high hygienic standards , such as medical facilities , public washrooms and food preparation areas .