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The LF-6100A 1/2 distributed intelligent fire alarm control panel is a microprocessor based advanced detection and protection system. With its flexibility, unique design and ability to utilize both intelligent and conventional devices, makes it a very reliable system for life safety use. It adopts the use of a multi-line LCD screen for ease of viewing of events and controls, RTOS (Real Time Operating System),for real time monitoring and display of events, and a graphical display for user-friendly menu and control operation as well as ease of identifying information being sent by field devices to the Fire Alarm Controller. The LF-6100s design widely applies to all kinds of industrial and commercial constructions with its high resistance to humidity, wide operating temperature range, high reliability and ease of installation and configuration. With its user-friendly interface, the controller also adopts easy to identify function switches and status LEDs that even untrained operator scan understand and properly respond to the event that occurred. History recording is also an integral part of the system. All data is stored inside the systems flash memory and can be viewed or printed at any time using the event browser. A stored history event adopts the circular type storage wherein the oldest data gets deleted in replacement of new incoming data when memory buffer is full. Maximum capacity of history memory is approximated at 999 events. The controller can accommodate up to 2 loops- 500 addressable points at the most which is adequate enough for small to medium sized life safety applications. Each device has a code that is to be set using the LF-DP-6190Device Programmer. An Auto-Learn feature for devices is also present in the system. The controller analyzes the environment on which the detection devices are installed and adjust the detectors actuation level accordingly. It also utilizes a specialized loop circuit design, in which the devices transmitted data is sorted out based on its priority. The information with the highest priority would transfer first. Other information from the field devices up to the controller shall be processed accordingly which ensures a rapid and efficient response of the system. Fire Alarm from a field device transmitted in less than 1 second. A secure direct link control panel can also be installed for up to 5 critical facilities which are mainly used to start or stop an exterior device independently even upon failure of the main fire alarm controller. It is used for critical elements such as fire pumps, smoke control fans or other facilities which requires direct control even upon failure of the systems processor. It is totally independent from the main controller but has the same functionality for monitoring alarm and line faults. The direct link control panel is secured with a lock and key for access restriction.