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Battery Operated Smoke Detector LF-SD-40

Battery Operated Smo ...

The LF-SD-40 Battery Operated Smoke Detector uses a specialized smoke chamber design, which could sense the presence of smoke particles produced by fast combustion or slow smoldering fire. The detector can effectively sense both white smoke and black smoke with virtually no false alarms. The smoke detector is designed to give early warning of developing fires at a reasonable cost. This detector monitors the air. When it senses smoke, it sounds its built-in alarm horn. It can provide precious time for you and your family to escape before a fire spreads. Its battery life can last over a year and it also has a low battery warning wherein the unit beeps every 50 seconds for a minimum of 7 days indicating that the battery needs to be replaced.


Photo-electric Type

Battery Operated (9V battery included)

High Accuracy of Fire Detection

Special Chamber Design

Ease of Maintenance

Easy to Install with Mounting Hard ware Included

Ideal for Business and Homes

Test Button f or Easy Recommended Monthly Testing

Loud 85dB Alarm Signal

Low Battery Warning

220V AC Optional*