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Italian Glamour

Colors, coordinates and emotions from the most advanced trends in decorating. The most current expression of design "Made in Italy", which also includes signals from the world of fashion. Italy, the country everyone has their eye on to see what the next aesthetic standards will be, has a unique characteristic: every sector, no matter how specific it is, has a common imprint. Perhaps this is why when strolling through Milan, the capitol of "Made in Italy", one has the impression that something connects everything together. It is an undefined elegance that is found in people, objects and. .. in colors.
Colors that currently tell us to point towards essential refinement, foreseeing chromatic harmonies that combine delicate shades with strong and important but sober colors; that abstain from loud vivacious colors to make room for cool browns, lead greys and Bordeaux. Essentiality, not minimalism, where even golden accents, as contrasts, confer notes of preciousness.