Are you looking For Wagner Sf27 Crack Injection, Epoxy & Paint Sprayer...?

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Wagner SF27 Crack Injection, Epoxy & Paint Sprayer

Wagner SF27 Crack In ...

Extremely multilateral and powerful Airless unit for middle-sized until large renovation objects and new construction objects. For the application of paints and emulsions.


The SF 27 is ideal for all medium-sized emulsion works indoors and outdoors.

Thanks to the handy design and the practical trolley, the SF 27 can be transported easily on the building site and in the car.

Thanks to the closed housing and the design the unit can be cleaned quickly and easily.

Airless spray machine for Epoxy Resin, Floor and Roof coating, Painting. Super Finish Spray machine, injection, crack repair, epoxy injection, poly urethra, packers, injection packers, diaphragm, crack injection, flooring, epoxy spray, paint spray,