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Wagner SF 23 Airless Paint & Epoxy Spray Pump

Wagner SF 23 Airless ...

The powerful diaphragm airless spray pumps are robust, yet lightweight construction site and workshop units. Equipped with the new QLS technology they can apply a wide range of materials from paints and emulsions up to high viscosity materials, depending on the airless spray unit.

Airless spray function allows the opportunity to work in the following aspect with the following equipment and materials :Painting Equipment, coating equipment, airless spray, spray paint, paint application, epoxy application, Hi- built paint, Air assist spray, Air coating spray, air coating, steel coating, heavy coat, high viscosity paint, intumiscent paint, flame retardant, anti corrosion paint, bituminous coating, Thick paint, thick coating, spray pack, airless spray paint, spray paint, airless spray.

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