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Wire Rope Technology

High-performance competent reliable
Selection and confectioning of wire ropes for high-performance use in cranes, building equipment and machinery is our core competence. For generations we have been working in close cooperation as original suppliers with crane and building machine manufacturers in order to set standards in the fields of performance potential and safety.
Due to our global presence, our specialists can consult and support the development departments of our customers already during conceptual design and dimensioning of cable drives.
Our broad experience in the fields of technical implementation and heavy-duty use leaves us in a position to accompany the machines of our customers in their use everywhere and to solve problems that occur on a worldwide basis.

Steel ropes for cranes and construction machinery
Well-known manufacturers of cranes and building machines as well as fleet operators and users place their trust in the PFEIFER know-how when it comes to selecting ropes and rope terminations. Both technological and logistical competence around the rope make us a reliable partner.