Customized Caravans | Cu

Alliance's customised caravan has the ability to design and construct to suit specific individual needs. We can utilise our draftsman to create the perfect solution for you company.
Our company is experienced in setting up both small and large camps so we know what requirements are needed in the kitchens and crib rooms. All our caravans are built with a heavy duty steel chassis so if you are off road or in remote areas you can be assured our caravans will withstand the rugged roads.We have several floor plan options available or you can work with us to design your own. All our vans are for sale or hire.

Want to combine the site office and accommodation van? No problem! Or maybe you want an ablution at one end and the laundry at the other, too easy! There are endless opportunities with our company. We come to you and sit down and create what you want!Alliance's customised caravan offers a wide range of floor plan layouts and we can create the ablution van that suits your individual needs. Whether you are setting up your ablution to existing plumbing, or heading to a remote or rural location, we have a solution for you. Included in our standard pricing.You have probably been looking at many caravans & researching which brand is right for you. There are caravan manufacturers claiming to be just what youre looking for. You know exactly what you want included in your caravan and what values are most important to your lifestyle. Most manufacturers seem to use the same construction techniques, we give you what you want