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Most business investors dream of investing in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is a world leader in research and development. In addition to its most famous universities, it has one of the largest economies in the world. A country with the largest purchasing power and growing income economy has become the 14th most favored in the world. And now you can work, live, and become a citizen of the UK with only a few formalities with a sole representative visa. This program is for senior employees/executives and managers of businesses without a UK office or branch. The applicant cannot hold more than 50% of the company or should be a minority shareholder.

Product Specification

Eligibility Criteria
To enter the UK as a representative of an overseas business, the individual must either:

Be a senior employee from an overseas business wishing to establish a UK branch or subsidiary
The sole representative plans to set up either a UK branch or a fully owned subsidiary of an already established overseas business
Additional eligibility requirements:
Non-EU citizens
Should have sufficient money to sustain themselves without government funds
Should have the minimum language competency

UK Sole Representative Visa Validity:
For the initial visa, the validity period is three years
Upon completion, the visa is extended for another two years
Citizenship can be applied for in the 6th year

Requirements for the sole representative visa UK
It is only to expand the business that the branch in the UK will be opened, as the parent company or headquarter will operate from outside of the UK. It is necessary to provide proof of the companys assets, accounts, and share ratio distribution from previous years
A senior employee of the overseas business is the representative. A letter of appointment, confirmation of employment (copy of the contract), and confirmation of salary are required. The job description for responsibilities to be performed in the UK can also be provided
A majority shareholder of an overseas business cannot apply
In the UK, there is no branch or subsidiary of the overseas business
Representative has full authority and complete power to make decisions for UK branch
Business operations in the UK should be similar to overseas operations
An applicant is able to handle finances on their own and does not depend on public funds