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Defibrillator Analyzers - Netech Model Delta 3000
Product Code : 3000

Delta 3000 Defibrilator Analyzer combines the complete testing functions of a Defibrillator Tester, Transcutaneous Pacemaker Analyzer, Transvenous Pacemaker Analyzer and 12-Lead ECG / Arrhythmia Simulator into one compact, lightweight, and easy to-use instrument. No other single instrument matches the breadth of functions or delivers the performance testing power of the DELTA 3000.

Delta 3000 tests all Defibrillators including AEDs. It measures both monophasic and bi-phasic waveforms. It tests all external Pacemakers including transthoracic, transvenous, and AV sequential models. With 12 built-in user selectable test loads for transthoracic pacing testing, the built-in ECG / Arrhythmia Simulator allows performance testing of any ECG equipment.

Menu driven and easy to use, the Delta 3000 displays test measurements on the large four line LCD. A print key outputs the data to the RS-232 serial port.

Included with the Delta 3000 is a hard carrying case, various paddle adapters and interface cables. No other Defibrillator Analyzer can match the performance and value. Best of all Delta 3000 is FDA approved.