Intercare Professional Vacuum Cleaner

AED 2650


Intercare Professional 701 Vacuum Cleaner UAE Supplier Intercare Limited is specialized supplier in UAEThe Intercare Professional 701 carries the highest rating in wet & dry vacuuming technology .Equipped with a sturdy 78-litres capacity tank and a secure , durable tipping trolley , the Professional 701 model has been specifically designed to perform effortlessly and efficiently when being used on either a wet or dry surface rough or smooth .The exceptional section power of the Professional 701 makes this vacuum cleaner the ideal choice for any cleaning experts .Its triple suction motors give it the highest suction rating in the entire industry to meet any application .Why Professional 701 Vacuum Cleaner ?Low noise level : Ideal for hotel , hospital , office , shop etc .Safety class : IMQ .Protection class : II IP x 4 .Other features : On/Off switch , trolley for easy maneuvering , built for continual use , very low center of gravity , extremely stable .


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