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Steel Shot is manufactured by melting selected scrap in electric induction furnace. The chemical composition of molten metal is analyzed and strictly controlled by spectrometer to obtain SAE Standard specification. The molten metal is atomized and transformed into round particle and subsequently quenched and tempered in a heat treating process to obtain a product of uniform hardness and microstructure, screened by size according to SAE Standard specification.

This type of shot is made for use in shot blasting and blasting processes under pressure by compressed air. It is basically used on non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, zinc alloys, stainless steels, bronze, brass, copper...

With its wide range of gradings, it is used for cleaning, deburring, compaction, shot peening and general finishing processes, on all kinds of parts, without contaminating its surface by ferrous dusts which deteriorate and change the colour of the treated metals. It is ideal for the aging of marbles and granites.

Total quality controls are applied inspecting: grading, grain sphericity, composition and resistance.

steel shot blasting
Steel shot cleaning the casting sand and burnt -on sand of the casting to make the surface get good cleanliness and required roughness, so that can be benefit to the subsequent processing and coating.

Cast steel shot for Steel plate surface preparation
Cast steel shot cleaning the oxide skin, rust and other impurity by shot Blasting, then using the vacuum cleaner or the purified compressed air to clean up the steel products surface.

Steel shots used for Engineering machinery
Steel shots used for Machinery cleaning can effectively remove the rust, welding slag, and oxide skin, eliminate the welding stress,and increase basic binding force between rust removing coating and the metal ,thus greatly enhancing the derust quality of engineering machinery spare part.

Steel shot size for Stainless steel plate cleaning
Steel shot size to achieve clean, luminous, exquisite burnish surface treatment of stainless steel plate, it is a must to select the suitable abrasive materials to remove the scale from cold rolled stainless steel surface.
According to different grades,the stainless steel surface needs to select different diameter abrasives and proportion to process. Compared to the traditional chemical process, it could lower the cleaning cost and achieve green production.

Different Steel shot price for Steel Structure
Steel structure,H section,C section and angle steel are widely applied in the modern construction industry. They all need rust and oxide skin removal treatment to achieve the good anti-corrosion property and aesthetic property.

Steel shot blast media for Pipeline anti-corrosion
The steel pipes need surface treatment in order to strengthen the corrosion resistance. By steel shot blast media polishing cleaning removing the oxide and the attachments achieve the requested rust removing grade and the grain depth. Not only cleaning surface but also satisfy the adhesion between steel pipe and coating,achieve good anti-corrosion effect

Steel shot peening strengthening
The metal parts operated in cyclic loading condition and subjected to the action of cycling stress need shot peening strengthening process to improve the fatigue life.

Cast steel shot Application domains
steel shots peening is mainly used in strengthening processing of crucial parts such as helical spring ,leaf spring, twisted bar,gear, transmission parts, bearing ,cam shaft, bent axle , connecting rod and so on.When the airplane landing, the landing gear must withstand the formidable impact that it needs shot peening treatment regularly. The wings also require the periodic stress release treatment.