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Todays man is always short on time, a fact that has led old time technology to catch up as much as it has made everything shorter, crisper and less time consuming.
Taking into consideration the factor of extremely busy lives and short attention spans of the new generations, its essential that messages be said out loud, bold and spread wider to reach a massive audience.

One of the many, and arguably the most effective way to do this, is employ IP based streaming of your informative sessions and conferences.

On-demand streaming services have already made their way into the top choices of todays generation owing to time restraints and their easy, user-friendly interfaces.

To enable the same message to reach over to a wider audience network, IP based streaming services are often chosen over their other counterparts.

In this blog, we attempt to discover the benefits of live IP-based video streaming services, and the best IP-based live streaming providers to choose from.

IP-based streaming services let you:
Convey the uses, scope and benefits of your products/services to a wide audience on a larger scale.
Connect with existing users as well as involve new audience in all parts of the world.
Offer instructive, informative To Use guides and manual videos with your audience via an easily accessible, smart way.
Increase sales steeply by offering a platform to your dedicated user base and keeping them informed and engaged.
Instills confidence in your customers by providing them a chance to connect with you directly.
Improve consumer communication and all-over website footing through live videos.
Gives customers the option to be able to view your videos at any time convenient to them.
Why Dreamcast?
With an exemplary portfolio of live Facebook, YouTube, webcasting services, On-demand video webcasting servicesas well as high-definition live video streaming and IP-based webcasting services plus webcast of events, webcasts on demand, conference live streaming and Private webcasting screenings for AGMs etc.,inDubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjahand UAE as well as in other parts of Asia, Dreamcast is easily among the best live streaming providers and offers a one-stop solution for live IP-based video streaming across UAE and abroad, having expertise in both educational and cultural events plus a number of other activities.

Have a look at our IP-based streaming services features:

Easy accessible to your customers
High-definition live video streaming services ensure viable, easy access to your videos for your users and makes sharing information easier.

With a promise to provide only the best for our clients, we also ensure no meddling around with sensitive information is allowed, and are very transparent in the way we process, encode, decode and stream the content in our IP-based webcasting solutions.

Total User control
We just remain the mediating streaming providers, and ensure you have the final calls on the way your content is live streamed, which simply means youll find zero interference from our side.

So enlist our IP-based streaming services today, and pave the way for your business to reach new technological heights.






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