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Professional Holter with 5in1 Software Package
Some heart rhythm disorders occur infrequently during certain activities, such as sleeping or physical exertion only. Using CardioMera Holter monitor increases the chance of capturing the cause of daily occurring cardiac problems.

Why to Choose CardioMera Holter Monitor?
Top-Quality ECG Algorithm for QRS Detection
The verified Meditech algorithm identifies ~ 100[%] of recorded QRS waves.

Selectable Number of Channels
CardioMera Holter monitor allows for 1, 2, 3 and 5-channel monitoring, although a 2-channel monitoring is sufficient to identify ECG abnormalities in 95[%] of all cases.

Automatic Detection of Cardiac Events
CardioMera Holter monitor software can detect pause, missing beat, ventricular and atrial fibrillation, bradycardia, tachycardia, arrhythmia, R on T, QT, ST elevation and depression, minimum and maximum ST, HR, QT, SA and AV block, T-wave alternates and many other events automatically.

Customizable ECG Parameters and Reports
Freely customizable morphology limits, freely editable and printable reports.

Run ECG Function for Quick Retrospective Scanning
Automatic ECG recordings can be scanned and edited quickly by the innovative Meditech run ECG function.

Function Keys for Quick RR, HR and Beat Type Review
Simple and quick function keys for better RR, HR and beat type overview.

Colour-Coded ECG Channels
Colour-coded ECG channels for better identification.

Quick Lists for ECG Events
CardioMera Holter monitor software offers a drop-down list for ECG events, HRV, ST and pacemaker statistics and for QT and PQ analysis.

Economic Patient Cables
Save money with easily replaceable CardioMera Holter monitor patient cables. Unlike many competitor products which have an inbuilt patient ECG cable set, CardioMera offers single, easily replaceable ECG electrodes.

All-Inclusive Holter Software Package
CardioMera Holter monitor offers 5in1, all-inclusive software package, which includes beat-by-beat ECG annotation, time and frequency domain HRV, pacemaker identification and QT dispersion software features with the possibility of manual alterations of automatically recorded ECG. ST, HR, RR statistics, run ECG for retrospective ECG scanning, trends and histograms are also available.

CardioMera Holter monitor aids the evaluation of cardiovascular risk factors such as arrhythmias, reduced HRV, alterations in ST segment, long and short QT or QT dispersion. Such risk factors can be the indicators of cardiovascular abnormalities and their early detection is necessary to prevent heart diseases, a leading cause of death globally.

Are you looking for quality Holter monitor at a reasonable price? Choose CardioMera Holter monitor with all inclusive, 5in1 Holter software package!

Technical specifications
storage capacityup to 96 hours of ECG
memorySD card
recording lengthup to 96 hours
dimensions66*59*17 mm
weight (excl. Battery)50 g
operating button1 pushbutton
sampling, A/D resolution1200 or 600 Hz, 12 bit
storage quality600, 300 or 150 Hz
communicationUSB optical interface
ECG1, 2, 3 or 5 channels (7 patient cables)
conformity certificateCE

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