Printed Tinplate Sheets and Can Components

Printed Tinplate Sheets and Can Components, Metals marketplace

While most of the Printed Tinplate Sheets and Can Components are for in-house use for fabricating cans, Balmer Lawrie (UAE) can and does supply them to those customers who have their own can making facilities.

Only Prime quality tinplate from reputed, approved tinplate mills is used.

Balmer Lawrie (UAE) has excellent coating and printing facilities for metal decoration on the sheets.

Best quality lacquers, coatings, inks and varnishes are used coupled with extensive tests and on-line inspection during and after decoration.

Balmer Lawrie (UAE) has a very well equipped Press Shop where the various types and sizes of can components are manufactured and assembled using very high quality dies and tools on modern equipment. Components undergo inspection and testing at all stages of manufacture.

The Printed Sheets are supplied, well packed in skids and Can components packed either in cartons or large metal bins.






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