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Arastco is the leading producer and supplier of wiping rags and 100% cotton rags in U.A.E. We produce quality rags from recycled textiles materials. We supply all types of cotton wiping rags in different qualities with most economical prices for the local and overseas market.

Many suppliers are offering rags containing buttons, zips etc that can scratch or damage the surface where you are cleaning. The only reason why we are different is, our production facility all wiping rags are sorted, buttons and zippers are removed, cut into proper sizes for wiping.

We are the one offering quick-absorbent wiping rags or industrial rags in U.A.E. Our rags contain very low percentage of synthetic substances at a cheaper price. Arastco provides your cleaning needs in a hygienic and fresh way.

Looking for hygienic cleaning agents and practical cleaning materials? Then you have come to the right place at Our team and employees too, love hard work and know that you sometimes have to put up your sleeves. However, when you are ready, you want to freshen up and look good again. Fortunately we have an extensive range of cotton rags for the best home or industrial cleaning!

We supply best quality of cotton rags, cleaning clothes, receyled textiles material, waste febric, used cloth, cotton waste, mul mul cloth, lint free febric and wipping rags at wholesale in U.A.E as well as in global market in best compressed packages that have a fast and large storage capacity.

Arastco is capable to supply a varioty of cotton rags at very affordable prices as given below

White T Shirt Rags / White Knit Rags / White Hosiery Rags
White Fleace Rags / White Sweat Shirt Rags
White Flannel Rags
White Cotton Rags
White Print Rags
White Cotton Mix Rags
White Bed Sheets Rags
White Towel Rags / White Bathrobes Rags
White Cotton Yarn Waste
White Polyester Waste
Colour T-Shirt Rags / Color Knit Rags / Color Hosiery Rags
Color Flannel Rags / Color Fleace Rags / Color Sweat Shirt Rags
Color Cotton Mix Rags
Color Light Cotton Rags
Color Bed Sheets Rags
Color Towel Rags / Color Bathrobe Rags

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