Video Will Be More Important Than Ever

We are recommending to our clients for a long time to invest in videos for their online presence

It's no secret that YouTube is a giant. In fact, recent data shows that they register more 18+ audience during peak hours than any cable TV network.

So it's not surprising that Facebook is making a huge push toward video as well.

In the past 12 months, we've seen Facebook Live blow up. Businesses, MLMers, and anyone who can benefit from brand exposure and traffic has used it, and many with significant success.

You've probably seen Facebook start to put ads inside videos, which makes sense since as of April 2016, 8 billion videos were watched per day from 1.65 billion users.

Facebook ad space is also at a premium now with so many advertisers fighting for space...

So we've seen ad costs rise, and my guess is that the 'Zuck will continue to push video in 2018, and do everything they can to make video ads appear "normal" to users (like YouTube has accomplished).

Here's how can you win with video in 2018?

  • Commit to releasing at least 1 quality video per week (whether live or recorded doesn't matter. Just add value to your audience and "do you".)
  • Test video on different social platforms to see which works for your audience best (Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are the leaders now, so I'd suggest you start there.)
  • Be a leader. Stand for something, and be ok with the fact that some people won't like what you have to say.

Even if you're starting small, committing to video as part of your branding and traffic strategy is critical for 2018.

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